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Philip Mirabelli

Four Decades of Experience

The passion to promote and sell great wines and spirits has buoyed Philip Mirabelli's lengthy and solid career and his reputation as a dedicated and stalwart partner.

Having years of experience and hands-on learning in vineyards with wine-makers around the world, Philip Mirabelli has a wealth of knowledge that supports developing successful brands and augmenting the offering for consumers in Ontario.

How Do We Choose Our Wines?

My team and I taste a product and assign it an overall quality score.  During this tasting process we consider a number of factors:

  • Are there any obvious defects in the wine?
  • Is the wine indicative of its appellation? 
  • Is the grape variety indicated on the label reflected on the palate? 
  • Does the wine’s taste profile have consumer appeal?
  • How would this wine compete from a quality standpoint to similar products in the same category?

Once we have ascertained that a wine has the taste profile to meet our consumer’s expectations, we then consider its viability in our market and assign it a “marketability score” based on the following:

  • The product’s price point and how it competes with other wines, both from within and outside its region.
  • The growth of this market segment and the degree of existing consumer demand for this type of wine. Is this a new market segment making us pioneers in this category?  Or is this segment already saturated with similar wines making our brand a “me too” product? Is there something interesting about our wine that can differentiate it from the pack and offer consumers something new that will excite them?
  • Packaging and shelf presence. We assess how the brand’s price/quality is reflected in its package. We consider the look of the label, the bottle type and weight, and shelf presence. If this brand were merchandised on a retail shelf, would it have the eye appeal necessary to attract consumer attention that can result in a buying decision? 

When this process is complete, we work with the supplier to modify the variables above to achieve a greater “marketability score” and thereby a greater chance for success.

A great deal of consideration is given to the needs of LCBO buyers and how we can help to tailor a product to meet their expectations.

Once in the market, a promotional plan is put into effect to ensure that the product has good visibility and a strong presence. Our salespersons work with retail and on-premise managers to make it available in their stores/restaurants.  We also work with our trade colleagues in wine media to help give the brand greater visibility through various communication vehicles.

This process of brand management is ongoing and can lead to further growth and opportunities for our producers.  

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