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Cantina Del Garda

Veneto, Italy

Cantina del Garda” called also CDG, in honor of the winery’s historical logo, is the line of products that allows giving credit to the appellation of the area. 

Since also the eye wants its part, the design chosen evokes the classic style of Verona in its older forms, but they can maintain timeless elegance.

A wide variety of products to range and know the city of Love: Verona!

Lake Garda is one of the biggest Italian lakes, with an area of approximately 370 square km extending into three Northern Italian regions: Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige, and Lombardy.

In Roman times Lake Garda was known as Benaco and was even then an important destination for those who sought a healthy life in a beautiful environment featuring typically Mediterranean vegetation: olive trees, vines, and agave flourish due to the lake’s microclimate.

Nowadays Lake Garda is home to a multitude of modern spas that offer relaxing holidays, inhaler treatments, and bathing in the many warm springs from over 200m deep aquifers.