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Château Clamens

Southwest France

The vineyards of Château Clamens are located at the entrance to Toulouse, on the sandy loam and clay soil of the old terraces of the river Tarn.  This area’s favourable climate –which includes over 2,000 hours of sunshine a year, cool nights, and little but consistent rainfall – is the perfect terroir for producing balanced wines with aromatic intensity.

The domaine was founded in 1868, in the sunny region of Fronton in Southwest France.  The landscape is varied, the Pyrenees mountains lie to the south and the Mediterranean Sea coast to the east.

Château Clamens has been in the family for 6 generations and today is managed by Jean-Michel Bégué, a passionate and talented craftsman.

The domaine practices sustainable farming; the dry and sunny weather of the region is conducive to a more natural approach to viticulture, where the use of chemical treatments is minimal and only employed as a last resort.

A prevailing regional wind called the Autan (Le Vent d’Autan) blows from the south-east of France from the Mediterranean Sea, bringing warm air and clear skies thus keeping the vines dry and limiting disease.

The winery has been working with an indigenous grape variety called Negrette, which has thrived for centuries in the area around Toulouse and is the main grape of the Coté du Frontonnais appellation. This grape is characterized by black fruit, violet and spicy aromas- making red wines that are elegant, fleshy and powerful as well as balanced rosé wines.  The acids are generally medium intensity and the wines are best enjoyed young to appreciate the rich fruit notes associated with this grape. It is sometimes referred to as the Beaujolais of Toulouse, making it an especially appropriate red wine choice for Spring and Summer sipping.  Negrette also makes a wonderful blending partner with more structured and tannic grapes like Cabernet and Syrah and these blends are a treat for the senses offering fascinating aromatic intensity.