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Vinicultural know-how with strong market experience

As a major supplier of Spanish wines, Lili Wines discovers and makes wine from all regions of the country

Philipp Ott, a trained enologist, is constantly on the lookout for new Spanish products and partners who can guarantee quality and quantity on a long-term basis and are capable of meeting the strictest quality control requirements.

Thanks to their thorough mastery of the vinicultural process, they participate actively with their winery partners at every stage of the wine’s transformation: blending, aging, ensuring the necessary certification, and maintaining production standards.

Spain is an exciting country for wine lovers. The country has 65 appellations and is characterized by a great diversity of grape varieties.  During the past twenty years, a wind of modernity has been blowing across the Iberian Peninsula.

It is now the largest producer of organic wines in the world. Navigating between the great classics and the modern techniques of the young winegrowers, Lili Wines has established itself over the last 15 years as one of the greatest specialists in Spanish wines; convinced that Spain today offers the best opportunity for easy-drinking, consumer-friendly, and quality wine at all price levels