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Apulia, Italy

Nardelli speaks to the heart and to the taste buds.

Nardelli wines reflect the love for the tradition that emerges from every single step of their production. Nardelli is located in the southeast part of Italy, Apulia, a fertile and lavish region that is home to some of the best food and wines of Italy.

While Apulia has been a sleeping giant in the world of wine, it is now considered one of the beacons of Italian winemaking.  The area’s grape varieties have become extremely popular and offer consumers outstanding wines at every price point.  Varietals like Primitivo, Negro Amaro, and Nero di Troia have resulted in highly rated and sought-after wines that compete internationally with the best in the world

The region’s subsoil, rich in calcareous stone, gives the vines the possibility to keep their roots at steady and always mild temperatures. This makes the plant grow abundantly amidst the hot Mediterranean sun.

Nardelli has been family-owned for 3 generations and uses the most up-to-date technology while respecting the traditions of the region.   Their wines have complexity and richness and are examples of the best that can emerge from this beautiful and bountiful part of Italy.