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Philip Mirabelli

Philip Mirabelli

For the love of wine!

With four decades of being deeply involved in the wine business, Philip Mirabelli has proven himself to be a solid partner in bringing wines to Ontario and curating excellent worldwide brands for people to enjoy. Every day is a true love affair with the wine industry; vineyards, producers, buyers, and wine lovers.

Thank you for visiting us at Philip Mirabelli Fine Wines & Spirits. Allow me to introduce myself.

It has been my life’s passion to discover incredible wines from around the world and, like grapevines, nourish and cultivate excellent relationships to create growth for my producers. Let me explain a bit of how I got to be here.

My first job after university was in this industry. I worked for a small wine agency as a sales person calling on every LCBO store in Southern Ontario.

Working in sales allowed me to interact with customers and study how buying decisions were made. This gave me a deep understanding of the factors that can influence a brand’s success which has stayed with me throughout my professional life.

In 1990 my wife Debra and I decided to create our own wine agency which we managed for 24 years. During that time, we brought to market the products of many outstanding producers which continue to be strong sellers today.

With my new venture, Philip Mirabelli Fine Wines & Spirits, I continue to have a passion for discovering hidden gems in suppliers’ portfolios that can become market winners. I study a product’s variables: its taste profile, price point, packaging, promotional initiatives, consumer demand, competition, and industry dynamics. I then work with the producer to augment the product’s consumer appeal and make it viable for Ontario customers. The brand is then presented to our industry partners for listing consideration. Once a buying decision has been made, we help to launch the brand and manage its growth. We then seek out additional opportunities that can expand the winery’s presence in our market. Although sometimes challenging, this process of discovering and cultivating winning brands is exciting and gives me a great sense of satisfaction.